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Building a Sustainable Family Office

17 Nov 2021
By Crystal He   Last week, I had the privilege to attend the Family Office Summit 2021 organized by Caproasia* and delivered a keynote speech on the current landscape of the family office industry and the challenges we face for future development. Spending over 10 years in the industry and the market volatility in the past two years have made me thinking deeply about how to structure a sustainable family office platform in this new era. Thus, I proposed the concept of “Sustainable” Family Office for the first time.  When we talk about SFO, people may think that it stands for “Single” Family Office. The "S" here can represent various meanings: Single, Skillful, Secure, Sincere, Standard, Strict, Spiritual, etc. However, today, I believe that "S" should be "Sustainable" from a more long-term perspective to meet the green inheritance needs of the future world.

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