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DL Holdings Group Reports Net Profit of Over HK$100 Million

28 Jun 2022
Focused on the needs of its core family office clients, DL Holdings Group (DL Holdings, DL), with US$3 billion in assets under management and advisory, is transforming itself into a "multi-family office and investment platform" with its own capital and assets, which will differentiate itself from industry peers such as single-family offices, multi-family offices on an advisory basis, multi-family offices on a discretionary basis, and traditional funds and asset management companies. DL Holdings aims to provide comprehensive services such as private banking, investment banking, funds, trusts, immigration, education, philanthropy, and impact investing. It has expanded its footprint to the Chinese Mainland, Singapore, the United States, and Japan, with an eye on becoming the leading multi-family office and investment platform in the Asia-Pacific region.

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