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How can HK become International Tech Hub?

26 May 2023
On March 15, 2023, John Lee, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, expressed during the signing ceremony of the "Arrangement between the Mainland and Hong Kong for Advancing Hong Kong's Development into an International Innovation and Technology Hub" in Beijing, that the HKSAR is fully committed to the comprehensive development of Hong Kong as a prominent international innovation and technology center. Additionally, the government unveiled the "Hong Kong Blueprint for Innovation and Technology Development" at the end of 2022, which outlines four key development directions and eight strategic initiatives encompassing diverse areas. These initiatives include the establishment of the HK$10 billion "University-Industry Research Collaboration Program," the facilitation of commercialization for exceptional scientific research outcomes, the provision of accommodation support for innovation and technology professionals, and the alleviation of burdens associated with living expenses for talented individuals.

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