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Reconsidering the Perception of Luxury Homes in Hong Kong

28 Jul 2023

Lately, I have received numerous inquiries from friends regarding the absence of my published articles, and their curiosity has been quite gratifying. Being the head of a financial enterprise, allocating time for extensive reading and contemplating global economic trends, while also analyzing diverse cultural, technological, philosophical, political, economic, and market phenomena through historical comparisons and insights into human nature, poses a considerable challenge. Certain clients and company executives have expressed doubts about where my primary focus lies—whether it is on the company's development. Additionally, some acquaintances still question the authorship of the tireless works I have produced over the past two years (lol, appearances can indeed be deceiving). Nevertheless, the principles I personally adhere to have significantly permeated every facet of the company, and my unwavering determination and conviction have gradually garnered more recognition and support. Above all, as a company executive, it is imperative to engage in strategic thinking and broaden perspectives to continually enhance one's understanding and lead the company towards ongoing improvement. This is crucial for successfully navigating the ever-changing market environment and overcoming its fluctuations.

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