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Rare Things are Precious; Just in Time for the Cold Winter

18 Aug 2023

Since the onset of the pandemic, the real estate sector in Hong Kong has been grappling with a period of subdued activity. Turning to the residential market, both housing prices and transaction volumes have undergone a discernible decline. A notable instance occurred merely a fortnight ago when Li Ka-shing divested the The Coast Line residential project in Yau Tong at discount. In the realm of commercial real estate, office vacancy rates have concurrently achieved unprecedented levels. Moreover, the influx of investments into commercial real estate during the April to June period has exhibited a marked reduction in comparison to the initial quarter.


During the prevailing downturn in the market, DL Holdings has defied the prevailing trend by making a substantial investment of HKD 300 million in July. This investment facilitated the acquisition of all units spanning the top five floors, the rooftop area, and the naming rights of a prominent commercial edifice situated within Hong Kong's Central district. Further elaboration on this transaction can be found in the article entitled "DL Holdings (1709.HK) to Acquire New Commercial Tower in Central Hong Kong."


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