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DL Holdings Launches Institute for New Economic Research

08 Sep 2023

With 13 years under its belt, DL Holdings Group has matured into a comprehensive platform with a primary focus on family office, delivering a suite of services that encompasses investment, asset management, consulting, and more. To date, the group boasts an extensive portfolio of economic research reports. Each investment decision stands on a robust foundation of in-depth theory and empirical data. Spearheaded by departments including the DL Family Office, DL Securities, DL Asset Management, and DL Global Real Estate Investment, the group has pioneered signature brands such as "DL Weekly", "DL Insights (Video)," "Columnist Articles," and "Victoria Harbor Night Talks," amassing an impressive 28 million reads/views online.


In order to provide internal and external research services in a systematic manner and form a think tank platform, the Group officially established DL Institute for New Economic Research (the“Institute”) to promote the institutionalization, programming, systematization and professionalism of internal research, providing recommendations and valuable reference for the overall investment direction of the Group. Internally, the Institute will provide reports, consultation and services based on the needs of research from different departments. Externally, the Institute will launch extensive inter-industry cooperation to expand the influence of the think-tank, and provide services such as macroeconomic trends and specialized industry analysis for the family office customers of the Group.


Andy Chen, Chairman of the institute, remarked, "We have gone through two years of preparation with full planning before deciding on formally establish the DL Institute for New Economic Research. We are committed to providing research results of the wealth management industry both internally and externally in the form of a think-tank to provide advice and suggestions for the government and the development of the industry.


DL Institute for New Economic Research will fully leverage on the market and information advantages of Hong Kong as an international financial center as well as the business platform of the Group, actively put into practice the Group’s philosophy of “Delivering Legacy”, employ competent think-tanks and talent teams, and strengthen the application and promotion of the brand name of “DL Research”, so as to solidly promote and enhance the Group’s research capability and customer service level."


Helmed by Executive Dean Professor Larry Lang, the DL Institute for New Economic Research is poised to shed light on emerging economic sectors in the WEB3.0 landscape, including but not limited to virtual assets and artificial intelligence. The institute will be at the forefront, routinely disseminating macroeconomic research reports on varying timeframes (monthly/quarterly/annually), crafting bespoke consultation services for family office clientele, and orchestrating an array of economic symposiums, annual congregations, strategy sessions, and "One-on-One Family Office Peer Advisory Group" and other online or offline events.

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