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The Chasm Between Elites and the Common Man (1)

22 Oct 2023

I've been in the U.S. lately, spending time with family, a welcomed respite from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Nestled in the woodlands of Northern California, I've been able to quiet my mind, reflecting on life's certainties and uncertainties.


Transitioning from the fast-paced consumption of financial market news to slow, in-depth reading and contemplation; from lively dinners with friends and clients to relishing the brief moments of intellectual inspiration during our conversations; from my consistent elitist work approach to pondering how to convey the values of modern elitism to the next generation... The changes from jet lag, the melding of Eastern and Western cultures, and the generation gap have reenergized me. As I guide my two children, I embark on a new journey of introspection and growth.


In this article, I seek to explore the historical evolution and future trajectories of the gap between elites and the common man. I draw influence from the works of modern thinker Gaetano Mosca, particularly his book, "The Ruling Class," which initiated my journey into the philosophy of elitism.

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