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The Chasm Between Elites and the Common Man (2)

22 Oct 2023

"The Chasm Between Elites and the Common Man: Historical Evolution and Reflection" differed from my usual writings, which primarily focus on macroeconomics through the lens of data analogies. It was closer to a topic I selected from a social science course at the University of Chicago 25 years ago, for which I had gathered extensive reading material to write. Admittedly, back then, I might have been trapped in my limited cognition, feeling rather self-important.


I didn't initially intend for this article to be utilitarian or to cater to market trends. Besides entertaining myself, I thought perhaps only a handful of close friends and acquaintances would read it, along with company employees who might 'like' it under some light-hearted coercion. However, to my surprise, the feedback on the article far exceeded my expectations. It gave me the opportunity to delve deep into discussions with many peers and experts. Engaging in these intellectual exchanges was a valuable learning experience for me and offered significant insights. The points I raised in the article about the "gradual disappearance of the middle class" and "history repeating itself" also sparked interest and questions, prompting requests for further discussion on the matter.

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