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First AI Family Office in the Asia-Pacific is Open for Preview!

19 Mar 2024

The concept of a family office, once exclusive to the ultra-wealthy to serve their private wealth management needs, is now a hot topic among the growing demographic of affluent families. As a growing number of families achieve wealth, their demand for investing in a diverse range of global assets grows. Yet, traditional family offices have often struggled to let go of their lofty status and lower their service fees, making it difficult for a broader audience to enjoy the benefits of global economic growth and the reliable returns from safe-haven investments. Not satisfied with the conventional offerings from banks and financial institutions, many medium and small-sized wealthy families are in search of a platform that's simple, reliable, transparent, and intelligent, one that empowers them to steer their wealth and track their investment performance. This demands that wealth management institutions must offer new products and services that align with the trends of the times, and thus DLiFO is born, perfectly timed to lead the charge.

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