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Time to Invest in the US Housing Market?

24 Feb 2023
I wrote Will US Housing Market Remain Hot in 2022?(Chinese Version) in early March, 2022, stating that the housing supply would remain tight in the US throughout 2022, which signaled an all-year seller’s market despite a modest cooldown compared to 2021.Looking back, the housing market however experienced a rollercoaster ride with initial strong performance followed by plummeting prices and shrinking transaction volumes. The anti-inflationary nature of the US housing market and tight housing supply since the subprime mortgage crisis supported the resilience of the housing price, which inevitably led to the sky-rocketing housing price once market liquidity was released prior to the 2nd half of 2022. The dramatic rate hikes by the Fed in 2022, on the other hand, pushed up borrowing costs and reined in the housing price. Overall, though the market showed signs of cooling down and transaction volume remained sluggish, the housing prices nonetheless outpaced those in early 2022.

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