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Will U.S. Housing Prices Continue to Rise?

18 Sep 2023

After publishing an article titled "Time to Invest in the US Housing Market?" on February 24th (English Version was published on March 10th) of this year, several friends expressed skepticism about my forecast. Their rationale was simple: in an environment of high interest rates, housing prices should logically decline. But is that necessarily the truth?


Reality has since confirmed my prediction: "In the first half of 2023, the U.S. real estate market will sustain the cooling trend observed in the preceding months, largely experiencing a decrease in transaction volume but maintaining stable housing prices. As the Federal Reserve gears up to curb inflation expectations by summer, housing prices are poised to embark on a strong upward trajectory."


In the past six months, after a phase of "rational cooling," the U.S. real estate market witnessed a notable reduction in transaction volume. Yet, housing prices and interest rates both experienced significant rises. The average housing price initially stabilized at a lower threshold before soaring to new historical peaks. Given my past accurate forecasts (permit me a modest nod), I'm inclined to share both macro and micro analyses of the present U.S. real estate landscape, providing insights and recommendations for upcoming investment strategies.

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